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Agenda Key Points:


Provide adequate affordable working capital to all farmers through cooperative societies.

Risk Management

Deploy modern agricultural risk management instruments that ensure farming is profiitable and income is predictable, such as was provided for scheduled crops by the Guaranteed Minimum Returns (GMR) Scheme uP THROUGHBcrop and livestock insurance schemes, commodity market instruments such as forward contracts, futures contracts and price stabilization schemes.

Food Deficit Surplus

Transform 2m poor farmers from food deficit to surplus producers through input finance and intensive agricultural extension support, with a target to generate minimum productivity target of Sh50,000 revenue per acre

Food Chain Productivity

Raise productivity of key value food chains value chains (maize 8 -15bags/acre, dairy 2.5kg, 7.5kg per cow/day, beef carcass weight from 110kg - 150kg)

Food Imports

Reduce dependence on basic food imports by 30% (domestic oil crops production from 5% to 25%, rice from 18% to 40%)


Revamp underperforming/ collapsed export crops, expand emergiing ones (coffee cashewnuts, pyrethrum, avocado, macadamia nuts)

Tea Value Chain

Move up tea value chain (blending & branding)

Lifting and boosting the lowest to economic independence is

My Promise To Kenyans